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This Teen Used His Bar Mitzvah Money to Donate 800 Pairs of Shoes

If you received $25,000, what would you do with it? One teen knew exactly what to do when he got $25,000 from his bar mitzvah–he donated it. 13-year-old Drew Frank ended up buying over 800 pairs of Nike sneakers and donating them to charity.

Instead of receiving gifts at his bar mitzvah, Drew asked for cash donations. With the Braden Aboud Foundation, he purchased 800 pairs of Nikes and 800 pairs of socks. More than 400 pairs of those shoes were donated to a public elementary school in a lower-income neighborhood. The other half will be donated to a local orphanage and a YWCA transitional living center for women and children.

It’s truly amazing that Drew wanted to share his gift with those less fortunate then he is, especially since most kids his age are thinking more about getting the new iphone than donating to charity–all I can say is, he’s definitely growing up to be a mensch.

Watch Drew talk about his project here:

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