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This Touching Special Olympics Ad Portrays Fatherhood in a Way That Makes Us Cry

Now that Father’s Day is approaching (it’s on June 19th, by the way), we started thinking about all the different ways dads are awesome. Well, we weren’t the only ones, because this Special Olympics ad produced in Mexico does just that.

The video titled “Surprise,” created by Young & Rubicam, shows the incredible power of a father’s love. It features gymnast Maria Barbara Wetzel and a voiceover narration from the point of view of a dad. The video begins with the dad eagerly anticipating the birth of his child:

“When I found out you were coming, it was the happiest day of my life. A boy. A boy that would love football as much as I did. I waited nine long months, and then you were born. And you gave me the most unexpected surprise.”

But then, the unexpected happens when the baby is born. Dad was definitely surprised. Watch the clip below to find out what happens:

While the setup may be a tad predictable, it’s still beautiful nonetheless. It would be untrue to say parents don’t have their own expectations for their kids, but the message the video has trumps any sense of predictability. Every person deserves to be loved, supported, to have the opportunity to succeed and to pursue their passions.

When the dad tells his child, “In the end, it was you who ended up teaching me about life. I am your biggest fan,” I almost cried. That’s definitely parenting–and in this case, advertising–at its best.

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