This Woman’s Parody Birthday Photos Are So On-Point, You'll Laugh/Cry – Kveller
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This Woman’s Parody Birthday Photos Are So On-Point, You’ll Laugh/Cry

You can have your cake and eat it, too. At least, Sabrina Pizzuti Johnson did. Photographer Shannon Squires posted a parody birthday photo series of Sabrina on her Facebook, capturing Johnson eating cake the same way 1-year-old kids do.

We pretty much love everything about these photos–why not let your inner child out? Instead of being bummed about getting older, relive your favorite childhood moments on the day your mom painfully gave birth to you. We’re sure she would appreciate this gesture.

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Personally, this one is our favorite–her expression is everything (seriously, how many times have you seen that expression on your child’s face?):

Shannon Squires Photography

Shannon Squires Photography

If you need a good laugh, or want inspiration for your birthday photo shoot, check out the rest below:

This sweet girl just turned 29 (again). Happy birthday Sabrina!

Posted by Shannon Squires Photography on Friday, October 2, 2015

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