This Yiddish Passover Video May Shock You (Yes, There's Leather Involved) – Kveller
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This Yiddish Passover Video May Shock You (Yes, There’s Leather Involved)

Yidlife Crisis did it again–and this time, they’re back with a pretty bold video about Passover (for Valentine’s Day, Mayim Bialik starred in their dating episode). Yes, I know, you’re like, “What? Another Passover video?” But I promise, this one is worth watching, because it’s not just funny–it actually raises a lot of questions about the holiday itself, what it means to be Jewish and identify as LGBTQ, and the modernizing of the Jewish family. That’s a lot, right?

But, don’t worry, it’s cleverly done in a way where the heavy hitting subjects are poignantly funny–and relatable. Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion, the Jewish web comedy series duo, star in the video per usual.

The video begins in a lingerie store, with Leizer trying on a red negligée in lieu of Chaimie’s girlfriend. Of course, Leizer is mistaken as Chaimie’s boyfriend instead, which starts a conversation about why Leizer is uncomfortable with this assumption. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s wearing a leather strap while having this conversation in the store. The rest of the episode follows suit.

I don’t want to ruin what happens next, so watch for yourself below:

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