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‘Thunder Thighs’ Is the Summer Song You’ve Always Wanted

Now that summer is basically here, all the advice on what to wear (and not to wear) is coming like a plague of locusts to make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. (I’m looking at you, Harper’s Bazaar–and the endless things women are told to do.)

This is why the new song “Thunder Thighs” is an anthem we should all be singing. Because it’s about time we stopped feeling guilt or shame or insecure about the shape our body has taken.

The song was created by musician Miss Eaves as a way to celebrate all women, of all shapes, sizes, ages, cultures, and backgrounds. And it’s the type of song you’ll not only love, but your kids will soon. The song will appear on her upcoming album “Feminasty,” which will be out in August. Evaes spoke about what the album will be like with Jezebel‘s Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, and it sounds awesome:

“Feminasty is an exploration of my feminist feelings and sexuality, covering themes like: female masturbation, men telling me to smile, Tinder f-buddies and shaking off internet trolls. It includes a collaboration with my friend MC Frontalot on “Boyfriend Material,” a track about creating the perfect mate…literally, with a drill and a saw.”

It’s hard not to love this tune with lyrics like— “Thick thighs, they defy these tights,” while also shouting out “mom jeans all day!” There’s nothing to be ashamed about having thighs that touch, thighs that are thick, thighs, period.

In the charming interview with Jezebel, Eaves said:

 “I love wearing sundresses, so in the summer chub rub is a constant struggle. I wrote ‘Thunder Thighs’ last summer after a particularly hot day when I came home and started listening to a beat KEISHH sent me. Thanks to a lifetime of experience having thick thighs, I was able to write the song in about an hour.

When I am writing music I want to honestly represent my experiences. I am not too concerned with writing about things that are on trend or popular… I want to come from a more genuine place. This track is really about me embracing my body but also finding the humor in issues thicker people face.”

She also mentioned that teaching girls to love their bodies young is so necessary:

“I am not sure if young girls are about that body positive life, but it is so important from a young age they see a variety of bodies being celebrated and people living happy and genuine lives.”

Can’t argue with that. Listen to the song below:

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