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Top 10 Most Popular Kveller Posts of 2013

With 2014 just a few days away, we rounded up the 10 most widely read Kveller posts of 2013. From breastfeeding to eating placenta to over-the-top bar mitzvahs, we’ve left no parenting category unfulfilled. Without further ado…

10. Hobby Lobby Doesn’t Cater to Jews by Jillian Scheinfeld. Not only did Hobby Lobby choose not to sell Hanukkah items at their craft store this year, an employee also irately declared that they did not “cater to Jews.”

9. Sam Horowitz Bar Mitzvah Boy Live at the Omni Hotel by Molly Tolsky. Let’s just say Sam Horowitz had a more extravagant bar mitzvah than you, your son, your neighbor; anyone.

8. The Day Two Women at the Dollar Store Changed My Way of Thinking by Sharrona Pearl. After overhearing a conversation about “hungry babies” in the dollar store, Sharona realized just how lucky she was to be able to afford to feed her own kids.

7. I Ate My Placenta & You Can Too by Esther Hornstein. While it may turn many people off, Esther walked us through the process of eating her placenta, and the health and post-partum benefits that comes with it.

6. Why I Let My Kids See Me Naked by Sarah Tuttle-Singer. Sarah would rather her kids see her naked than have them be critical of and question their bodies, like she when she was young.

5. Let’s Help NPR Find The Owner of This Bat Mitzvah T-Shirt from 1993 by Jillian Scheinfeld. Kveller helped NPR big time this year when we cast a call for the owner of a bat mitzvah t-shirt found in sub-Saharan Africa.

4. You Can’t Shame a Woman into Breastfeeding by Tamara Reese. Every mother deserves a first, second, or third chance to nurse her baby, without the guilt or shame.

3. Ten Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Parenting a Child with Special Needs by Liane Kupferberg Carter. As the mother of an adult son with special needs, Liane lists 10 things she wishes she had known when she first set out on this journey.

2. Tell a Friend: You Are a Good Mama by Tamara Reese. Why don’t we compliment each other more often? This post sparked a #YouAreAGoodMama movement–one we hope continues throughout the new year.

1. We Need to Quit Telling Lies on Facebook by Sarah Tuttle-Singer. Sarah gets real in our most read post of the year. Instead of posting a mediated life on Facebook sugarcoated with all the “good” parts of parenting, Sarah thinks we should boycott the “Fakebook” and instead show the bad and ugly, along with the good.

Here’s to a great year. What were your favorite Kveller posts from 2013? Let us know in the comments below!

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