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Top 3 Thanksgivukkah Debates Going on in Mayim’s Home

Debate #1: To Latke or Not to Latke

Hanukkah starts tonight and although it is a holiday in its own right, with religious, historical, and spiritual meaning and ritual, I can’t ignore the fact that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. My mother, as I discussed here last week, is making latkes as our Thanksgiving meal starchy side dish. Should I make latkes tonight?

Yes: Latkes are always delicious. You can never go wrong with latkes. My kids love latkes. My ex loves latkes. Yes, latkes all the time.

No: There’s so much cooking to be done tomorrow and since my parents are hosting, it would kind of be a shame to get my kitchen all messy since it’s currently not messy. Latkes, while delicious, are not super healthy. And since we are spending the weekend with my ex’s mom and she will be making latkes and I will undoubtedly make them after the weekend, before Hanukkah ends, I think it might be enough fried food for the week as it is.

Debate #2: To Cook or Not to Cook

My hand is still not 100% and I have been assigned the task of making Brussels Sprouts chips (Yes, the recipe is in my book which comes out in February.) and sufganiyot (Yes, the recipe is in my book.) My ex has graciously offered to cook for me with me supervising of course, but I’m still not sure 100%.

Yes: Cooking is important to me and it really makes me feel part of the holiday, even if I’m not hosting. Even though my ex is capable and competent in the kitchen, the sufganiyot recipe especially is complicated and I like things done my way!

No: I shouldn’t hurt my hand more than it is already hurt. Chuck Lorre himself told me that even making my own challah is not worth hurting my hand, which I did at Rosh Hashanah and I’m still paying for it.

Debate #3: To Gift All at Once or Not All at Once

The ex and I are not giving our sons eight gifts, but I still am not sure if we should give them what we did buy them all on the first night or space it out. They will also be getting gifts on Thanksgiving from my parents and this weekend when we see their

Yes: Giving gifts all at once eliminates the “planned disappointment” that expectation inherently breeds. It’s also pretty fun (even for a scrooge like me) to see kids open a bunch of gifts at once.

No: Maybe it’s too excessive. Maybe they won’t appreciate each gift if there are several following it. Maybe there will be too much of a letdown on subsequent nights. Maybe it’s better to leave a couple of things for after we return from our big weekend away with their safta and can spend the final nights of Hanukkah at home together.

As it stands going into Hanukkah tonight, I am voting for no latke, letting the ex cook, and spreading the gifts out, and once my ex reads this post, he can weigh in.

Chag Sameach!

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