Tragedy: Mom of 6 Killed in a Crash After Visiting Her Babies at the Hospital – Kveller
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Tragedy: Mom of 6 Killed in a Crash After Visiting Her Babies at the Hospital

While on the way home from seeing her premature twins in the hospital, 37-year-old Katie Evans never quite made it home. The mom of six was tragically killed in a car accident on Friday after visiting her babies, Hannah and Sarah, according to People.

Evans’ husband Jacob became concerned that his wife never made it home, and called his sister Caralee and the police. What the police found was devastating. Sgt. Dan Dantice of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station told local newspaper The Signal that a driver hit Evans near the intersection of Golden Valley Road and Valley Center Drive in Santa Clarita, California.

Only a few months ago, Evans posted on Facebook about her high risk pregnancy–and explained how the Trump health care bill made her afraid for and her kids’ futures:

“You see, the type of pregnancy I have is super high risk. (It’s also very rare and completely random — not anything anyone could have predicted or prevented.) Because of the risk to the babies, the doctors will deliver them (via C-section) by 34 weeks. And that’s if everything goes perfectly. There’s a good chance they will come earlier. It’s pretty much guaranteed that they will spend a minimum of 2-3 weeks in the NICU, and very likely longer.

But this new health care law could devastate my daughters’ futures. You see, it removes various things from being considered essential health benefits. And once those things are no longer considered essential health benefits, states and insurance companies can ask to be able to put a lifetime cap on those services. Do you know what one of those things no longer considered an essential health benefit is? Hospitalization. Which means if this bill passes my daughters will most likely have met their lifetime hospitalization limit by the time they can breathe on their own.

Even if they’re healthy from infancy on out, they’ll never be more than one accident or sickness away from financial ruin. Heck, if they ever want to have kids of their own they likely won’t be able to afford to deliver in a hospital, because insurance won’t cover their stay, and the bill for even a normal vaginal delivery and stay in a hospital is tens of thousands of dollars.”

Since Evans’ death, friends and family have started a fundraiser on YouCaring to help Jacob raise a family of six on his own–the twins will be able to head home from the hospital within six weeks.

The page bittersweetly recounts how Katie was a ” a devoted mother, sister and wife,” who couldn’t “go a day without visiting her brand-new twin girls in the hospital.”

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