Untreatable 'Super Lice' Have Parents Scratching Their Heads – Kveller
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Untreatable ‘Super Lice’ Have Parents Scratching Their Heads

Yes, it’s true: There is now such a thing as “super lice” and it may be coming to a kid near you. It’s totally gross (like, REALLY GROSS) because as the name suggests, these lice populations have gene mutations that make them resistant to over-the-counter treatments, according to this study. Sounds like a bad ’80s horror film.

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There’s nothing like back-to-school excitement with a potential lice epidemic thrown in the mix. According to Time, these ‘super lice’ populations have been found in 25 states so far.

A few months ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics released new guidelines on lice, telling parents that they should keep their kids in school, because lice don’t transmit diseases and are “not easily transmitted from one head to another.” No word on whether the same advice holds true for these new super critters.

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We’re not worrying, we know you can handle anything–especially these little jerks. If over-the-counter products aren’t working for you, ask your doctor about a prescription. There are more recommendations for treatments at the Center For Disease Control here. And if all else fails, we think it’s OK for you to continue to sob alone in a corner. (But you know, not too long.)

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