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Up Close: Stacie & Andrew Garnett-Cook

1. How did you and your spouse meet?

We met online. My profile said “Chocoholic seeks NPR addict”–and that’s who I found!

2. Are you raising your kid(s) with one religion, both religions, or somewhere in between?

We are raising our son Jewish. I made it pretty clear around date #3 that if this relationship moved forward that it was important for me to have a Jewish home and Jewish kids. He was skeptical about all organized religion when we met, but he’s told me that my love of Judaism has helped him see the positive side of religion. Now I think he sees the joy and family togetherness it brings, even if the traditions have different meanings for him.

3. What did you think would be an issue about being an interfaith family that really hasn’t been?

I was worried that my husband would feel left out of our Jewish practice or that I would feel alone doing it by myself, but he’s taken on a lot that we do together as a family. We go to monthly Shabbat potlucks with friends, we say hamotzi (the blessing over bread) before dinner, and we belong to a wonderful synagogue. Plus, my husband has a number of friends and colleagues who are in interfaith families, which helps.

4. How did you choose your kids’ names?

Our son, Samuel Frederick, was named after his two grandfathers who are no longer with us. We hope he will inherit their kindness, intellect, creativity, and curiosity about the world.

Up Close” is a photo and interview series on Kveller aiming to put a face on the interfaith conversation. We’ll be highlighting interfaith families and hearing their stories all month.

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