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Watch: Girl Composes Brilliant “Let it Go” Cover About Pooping

By now, everyone’s made a “Let it Go” parody and it’s gotten a little old. But just when we thought we heard it all, angel-faced Emily Mandelbaum composed a totally original, utterly disgusting, and brilliantly funny cover of the song-of-the-year—about pooping.

As sweet Emily belts out her graphic lyrics, we get view of her pink princess bedroom, complete with glittery decals and butterfly trim–the perfect backdrop.

Emily’s song tells of the struggles of a little girl trying to poop in the toilet. It’s a potty training anthem, really. Profound lyrics include:

How can it smell like that/It’s so bad/I think it killed my cat

Even if “Let Me Poop” is not your cup of tea, I can think of more than a couple kids who dig this sort of scatological humor. Most impressive is Emily’s ability to maintain a completely ernest facial expression throughout the performance.

Check it out:

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