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Watch These Dads Sing like Disney Princesses in Viral Video

Honestly, there’s nothing better on a Friday afternoon than watching some hot dads sing parts of iconic Disney songs like “Part of your World” from “The Little Mermaid” while they’re at work. Because men can like Disney songs too.

Well, thankfully, it’s a reality. In an amazing video that shows dads from all professions (from firefighters to doctors) singing Princess Ariel’s song, the creators of podcast and online network Life of Dad are breaking all the gender stereotypes around–which is just how I like it.

The video also illustrates that every parent is connected by the simple fact that parenting is hard–and being a dad doesn’t (and/or shouldn’t!) make it any different or easier. The video begins:

“No matter who you are. Becoming a dad changes everything.”

Patrick Quinn, a co-founder of Life of Dad, says he was inspired to create the video when he realized that a lot of his dads friends knew the same songs he did, regardless of their own personal preferences:

“Guys who were into country music knew the same songs as guys into metal or rap. They knew their kids’ Disney tunes and all could sing them word for word. Some of them are dads to daughters, some are dads to sons. But all of them knew the songs.

The main message of the video is basically no matter who you are, what your background or station in life is, dads will do anything for their kids. Even if it’s looking silly and belting out princess tunes. Actually, especially then.”

 Watch the video below:

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