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Watch These Kids Adorably Confess Their Feelings About Their First Crushes


via Buzzfeed

Seriously, stop the presses, because this Buzzfeed video about first crushes is literally crushing my heart into a tiny million pieces. We all know how it feels to have your first crush–that butterfly feeling you get every time you see them, and the complete inability to say anything interesting or intelligent to them. It’s hard for me not to feel a little nostalgic for all that elementary school awkwardness. Well, actually, I’m really glad I’m not 12 years old anymore.

Nonetheless, the answers these kids give are basically the most adorable things you’ll ever hear. And sure, maybe these kids are actors (but I really don’t want them to be!), but I don’t even care at this point–it’s just too darn cute.

Of course, the writer in me just loves this boy’s answer the best:

Find out what the rest of the kids say by watching the video below:

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