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Watch This Baby’s Incredible Reaction to Seeing His Mom Clearly for the First Time

baby with glasses

It’s an amazing feeling when you see someone you love for the first time. Because of a rare condition called oculocutaneous albinism, 4-month-old Leopold Reppond has imparied vision. This means the Seattle infant couldn’t see his mother clearly until now. He finally received his first pair glasses, and it made a world of difference.

The video below captures this breathtaking moment–and what happens literally melt ours hearts. Leopold’s father, David Reppond, filmed the moment, and then posted the now viral video to Facebook last Saturday. Leopold’s mother Erin told ABC News how he’s never smiled so much before:

“When he finally did look up that second time and you see that recognition on his face, that’s a smile we just hadn’t really seen before. He’s a pretty happy baby and he smiles and I feel like he generally is pretty happy, but that smile was something that was so different for me to see.”

Watch the video below for yourself–it’s totally worth it:

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