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Watch This Newborn Help Her Big Sister Stop Crying in Sweetest Video Ever


When we think of bringing a new baby home, especially when it’s a younger sibling, we often think of sibling rivalries and jealousies gone wild. But sometimes, kids surprise in the best and sweetest ways possible. This is what happened when new mom Esther Anderson posted a video of her toddler and newborn having a bonding moment.

After a rough night for newborn Tessa, older sister Ellia woke up VERY grumpy and in tears. This is completely normal behavior for a toddler. However, instead of blaming her little sister for keeping her up, Ellia found comfort in cuddling with Tessa.

The way she cuddles her sister is literally the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen–and makes you rethink all the times you get grumpy. Ellia also says, “I love her so much” twice and my heart just can’t.

Watch the adorable video below:

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