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Watch This Woman Find Out She’s Pregnant After Infertility Struggle

After many years of trying to conceive and months of fertility treatments, Marissa Berland Branisavljevic received the good news of a lifetime: She found out she is expecting a healthy baby girl in April 2016. Mazel tov!

For any mom who has struggled with fertility, you can completely empathize with both her pain and joy. In the video below, which she posted on YouTube, Branisavljevic’s reaction is captured just moments after the nurse gave her the happy news. Her reaction is just breathtaking–she laughs and cries out of pure joy. Branisavljevic told us her reaction was so moving, it made “the nurses and patients all [cry] from my reaction as well.”

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Mostly, we love that Branisavljevic is sharing one of her most intimate and vulnerable moments with us, and the world, in order to make other women feel less alone in their struggle, stating, “I just hope I can bring hope to some women out there that are struggling with the same thing. They are NOT alone.”

We’re glad women like you exist, Marissa. You give us strength.

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