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We Cannot Resist This Six13 Passover Mamma Mia Parody

This Abba parody medley is perfect.


via YouTube

In a year when we need comfort, Six13 offered us a Passover take on one of the most nostalgic and comforting bands of all times — Abba. The a cappella group’s new Passover parody pays tribute to the classic songs by the Swedish band, along with their memorable music videos.

For those who don’t know your Abba history, the four-member pop band rose to fame after winning the Eurovision, Europe’s biggest song contest, in 1974. It was the first time Sweden won the contest (the last time was last year, which means this year, the Eurovision will be taking place in Malmö next month. Israel will be participating, despite protests).

Six13’s Passover medley starts off strong with a take on “Take a Chance On Me,” which they turned into “giving thanks we’re free.” It echoes the original video of the song, including that dreamlike, oddly sensual moment in the video when vocalist Agnetha Fältskog turns to the camera and winks as the women say “that’s all I ask of you honey,” which this version changed to “that’s all we want to do, Bubbe.” Iconic.

Then, of course, there’s “Dancing Queen,” in which the group sings about how “you can sing, you can dine, having the four cups of wine.” They bring their best disco outfits and Abba-like dance moves to this one.

It just gets better from there, with a “Man After Midnight” parody in which the singers lament how long the seder can be and ask for someone to “give me, give me, give me the matzah by midnight/find the afikomen because the hour is late.” Here’s hoping this song helps us all finish the seder before midnight, indeed.

They save the best for last, though, with a parody of “Mamma Mia” titled “Matzah Pizza,” a perfect choice for the perfect Passover meal. They acknowledge how easy it is to make (“I can’t cook but I can make this one thing”) and how it becomes our dinner practically every night of Passover. “Yes, you have many carbs,” they sing, which we don’t see as a problem, to be honest. “You tend to fall apart,” they continue, which yes, we fact-checked that and it is indeed true. Though the next statement, “my, my, how I love unleavened dough,” just like matzah pizza, doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny.

Still, 10/10, no notes, we love this parody, Six13!

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