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We Don’t Know What to Make of These Little Princesses Dropping F-Bombs

Listen very carefully: Tell your kids to go into the other room. Turn down the volume, or put on your headphones. And watch this video of some very adorable little girls dropping some very graphic language in the name of feminism (NSFW!!!):

The video, produced by the folks at FCKH8.com–a “for-profit t-shirt company with an activist heart”–has been making big waves on the internet this week, and while most agree the foul-mouthed video is for a good cause, not everybody approves of the means used to get there.

Quoting statistics about gender inequality in the workplace, sexual abuse, rape, and societal discrimination against women in general, the crux of the video comes down to the statement, “What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or the sexist way society treats girls and women?”

The answer to that question has been quite mixed. Some say it’s making a joke out of a very serious issue, while others are angry that the video is essentially an ad for t-shirts.

We’re curious to know what you think of the video. Did it make you laugh? Cringe? Let us know in the comments below.

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