Week in Review: April 23-27 – Kveller
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Week in Review: April 23-27


For those who need a catch-up session, or just a refresher, here were some of our most popular posts from Kveller this week. Shabbat shalom, and see you Monday!

I Text Around My Kids & They’ll Survive, Carla Naumburg. Other parents may criticize you for texting around your kids, or not doing this, or only doing that, but when it comes down to it, who are we to judge?

My “Controversial” Book is Still Pissing People Off, Mayim Bialik. Attachment parenting may not be for everyone, but then again, Mayim never claimed it was.

– On Yom Ha’atzmaut, I’m Longing for Israel, Adina Kay-Gross. An ode to Israel for Israeli Independence Day.

I Screwed Up the Bilingual Thing, Too, Alina Adams. Teaching your kids to speak in both Russian and English is not so easy, as proven by Alina’s three attempts with her three kids.

You Can’t Screw Up Your Kids Too Badly, Renee Septimus. Young parents tend to worry that every little decision they make might screw up their kids for life, but chances are, you’re doing just fine.

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