Weekly Roundup: Bingham "Bing" Hawn Bellamy & the 16-Pound Baby – Kveller
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Weekly Roundup: Bingham “Bing” Hawn Bellamy & the 16-Pound Baby

All the Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– Lenore Skenazy says that we must mourn Leiby Kletzky, but we must not live in fear. She made the news a few years ago when she wrote a column about letting her 9-year-old son ride the subway alone in New York. (Free Range Kids)

– Sarah Jessica Park tells Vogue that she doesn’t have a live-in nanny to help with her three kids. “That’s something that’s important to both of us, and we don’t shirk it, because what’s the point in having a family if you’re not going to really participate in it, you know?”
Forgive when I get annoyed at celebrities who expect accolades for taking care of their kids. (Hello Magazine)

– After days (8?) of deliberation, Kate Hudson has announced the name of her son: Bingham “Bing” Hawn Bellamy. I offer $1 to anybody who can explain that one to me. Elula? Alef? What’s going on here? (Yahoo News)

– Anybody reading this who isn’t named Janet Johnson can breathe a sigh of relief that you didn’t just give birth to a 16-pound baby. Of course this took place in Texas, making big-size jokes way too easy. (Huffington Post)

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