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Weekly Roundup: Co-Sleeping With Knives, Airplane Baby Ghettos & More

All the Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– A new public service announcement compares co-sleeping to putting a baby to bed alongside a giant knife. (Salon)

– Is the fear of being labeled “sexist” thwarting important research on the differences between boys’ and girls’ brains? (Slate)

Pizza retains its classification as a “vegetable” — at least as far as school lunch programs are concerned. (Reuters)

– Parents with young children are taking issue with airlines’ efforts to relegate them to “baby ghettos” in back of the plane. (The Wall Street Journal)

The New York Times is suing the Huffington Post for copyright infringement. The target of the lawsuit is HuffPo’s new parenting blog, Parentlode; it’s helmed by Lisa Belkin, who, until recently, was the lead writer of The Times’ Motherlode blog. (Adweek)

– Over at Motherlode, KJ Dellantonia, who ably stepped in following Belkin’s departure, questions the zeal of home-birth cheerleaders. (Motherlode)

– Disney buys Babble. (Dealbook)

– And Mickey and Minnie’s latest acquisition introduces us to “Peregrine,” “Samoset,” “Damaris”, and other baby names “inspired by the First Thanksgiving.” (Babble)

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