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Weekly Roundup: How Sophie the Giraffe is Made, Teaching Kids About the Holocaust & More

All the Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– Sophie the Giraffe, the self-described “World’s Most Famous Baby Teething Toy” offers this seriously intense video of how the rubber toy is made, from the Malaysian forest to every Park Slope parent.

– On the Huffington Post, Lisa Belkin welcomes her babysitter to the motherhood club with some simple and lovely lessons that we could all use as a reminder. (Huffington Post)

– New York parents should check out these free seminars from JUF on how to tell Jewish stories to your kids that teach and transmit Jewish values and traditions. (JUF)

Emily Rapp does it again, this time writing about the amazing power of female friendship, and how it helps her deal with the horrors of her son’s Tay-Sachs diagnosis. (The Rumpus)

– Looking for some early Purim costume ideas? For the anniversary of Mahatma Ghandi’s death, 485 boys dressed up as Ghandi for a peace rally. The pictures are amazing and adorable. (Guardian)

– At Tablet, Marjorie Ingall asks, “How do we teach our kids about the Holocaust without scarring them for life?” The answer might be found in a few good books. (Tablet)

– At The Sisterhood, Gavriella Lerner reiterates the fact that when her husband is taking care of the kids, he is not “babysitting.” (Forward)

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