Weekly Roundup: International Kids' Rooms, Jewish Love on Reality TV & More – Kveller
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Weekly Roundup: International Kids’ Rooms, Jewish Love on Reality TV & More

All the Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week

This photo essay of children’s rooms in the New York Times is really astounding. From a dump in Cambodia to a gated Orthodox community in the West Bank to the top floor of a 5th Avenue apartment building, it gives you a lot to think about. (NYT)

– Welcome to the tribe, Bachelorette! Apparently Ashley Hebert, who chose JP Rosenbaum, a construction manager from Long Island, as her mate for life on reality TV, is going to convert to Judaism for him. We’re all waiting for the 2-hour “Rabbi Tells All” special. (6nobacon)

– We mentioned this last week, but hearing the full story about the women who went into labor while taking the bar exam, “breathed through the questions,” finished the test and gave birth two hours later is truly amazing. (And we’re pretty sure she’s Jewish, too, so there’s that.) (Chicago tribune)

– We’ve spoken up about genetic testing for Jewish genetic disease, but this story brings to light another important issue–testing for certain cancers that may be more common among Ashkenazi women. Jill Steinberg took the test that saved her life. (Forward)

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