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Weigh In: Could You Have Used This ‘New Mom Kit’?

The makers of “Camp Gyno” are back at it again. HelloFlo, a company that provides a period starter kit for girls, has expanded its product line with a survival kit for new moms. Their commercial, which AdWeek dubbed their “Ad of the Week,” is a hilarious look into the life of a new mom who has decided to share her experiences in the form of a well choreographed but questionably written musical.

The kit, which comes with pads, nipple cream, breast pads, leak-free underwear, lip balm, and more is designed to make the first weeks of new motherhood easier. What do you think? Would this kit have been helpful for you? We asked the moms and dads in the 70 Faces Media offices what they thought.


“I have two young children, and I know that the physical implications of childbirth (and early breastfeeding) can be decidedly unpleasant. In their new trailer, the smart and savvy team behind Hello Flo–and that viral “Camp Gyno” video–get that right. And I love the idea of a gift that is for mom (read: not another ironic onesie), and one that infuses realism and humor into what can be a chaotic, self-doubting time. That said, I think these new mom kits (with their nipple cream, their nursing pads, their Always pads) could more accurately be called postpartum kits. Because the physical implications of childbirth and breastfeeding are only two pieces of the puzzle. Becoming a parent for the first time is incredibly overwhelming, no matter how you come to it (surrogacy and adoption included) or how you decide to feed your baby. I’d love to see Hello Flo add to its line a new mom kit that speaks to that diversity of experiences.”

“It feels kind of like ‘Sorry about that whole giving birth thing–here’s a Luna Bar.'”

“I think this is a great idea, and I’m planning to give it to all my friends and relatives as a new-baby gift. I would’ve enjoyed getting something like this after I gave birth.”

“I guess maybe it would have been helpful but the honest truth is that I’m not sure there would be enough ‘gear’ in said box for the first week. In the Kveller spirit of oversharing, I mean, my bathroom looked like a crime scene.”


“Yeah, I guess it would have been helpful for my wife–instead she just bought what she needed separately. No big deal. When we had out first kid our mohel had us buy a new-parent kit from him (for about $50 or some other exorbitant price) that included everything you need for a bris and after (not the mohel’s tools, but for treatment): gauze pads, ointment, etc. By the second son we wised up and bought everything we needed ourselves from CVS for under $10.”

“I liked the video, and some of the medical terms definitely brought back memories. I think the kit would make a cute gift, but practically speaking I feel like every new mom (and parent) has very specific needs that wouldn’t be included.”

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