We're Giving Away This Hilarious Yiddish T-Shirt For Free (And It'll Make Bubbe Proud) – Kveller
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We’re Giving Away This Hilarious Yiddish T-Shirt For Free (And It’ll Make Bubbe Proud)

We all like funny t-shirts. Recently, we came across an amazing Yiddishe t-shirt that we just NEED. And we think you do too, which is why we’re giving away three shirts for free.

This Yiddish t-shirt was designed by Anne and Morris, which is run by an independent seller, Lori Perusich, who named the store after her grandparents, Anne and Morris (natch). She named the store after them because they “were a huge part” of her upbringing. As such, they influenced the shirts, which Lori explained to us:

“They immigrated from Romania and were Orthodox Jews. My grandparents, along with lots of other family members, spoke fluent Yiddish. They spoke it especially when they didn’t want the grandkids to hear something! I love the language and when I hear it I have instant memories of my grandparents.”

If you’d like a tee, enter our giveaway below to win. We are giving away three t-shirts to three different recipients. Enter by next Thursday, October 13th. Winners must be in the continental US.

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