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What I Learned This Passover

1. Mission Possible. You CAN survive with no animal products, no kitniyot, and no gebrocht (soaked matzah). It just means a LOT of salads, quinoa, and soup.

2. Tableware. Plastic tablecloth coverings are excellent for covering counters. And if you are cheap like me, you’ll be happy to know that they wipe down super easy and fold up super thin for use next year!

3. Lo-tech. Being driven to work and not using any phones or computers (so as to violate as few halachot [traditional Jewish laws] as possible at a job that does not give off for Pesach) really makes me feel like the way I function on a normal workday is a hectic crazy mess of nonstop calls, emails, and insanity. It is!

4. The Rewards of Studying. It pays off to push yourself hard even when you don’t feel into it: studying the history of the Targumim (Aramaic translation of the bible from the Second Temple Period) while at work on a holiday (specifically the history and work of Onkelos, the famous Roman convert to Judaism responsible for the first translation of the Torah into Aramaic) made me feel so high and so inspired and so touched to be Jewish, even despite not being “where I want to be” on my derech (journey).

5. Kid Food. If you call eggplant/tomato/bell pepper/matzo farfel kugel “noodles,” a 3 1/2-year-old will wolf it down and ask for more.

6. Adult Food. Chocolate pudding made with kosher for Pesach almond milk is really delicious.

7. Fun Fact. Passover coke simply cannot be beat.

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