What Mayim Bialik's Sons Thought of Her (And Everybody Else's) Emmys Look – Kveller
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What Mayim Bialik’s Sons Thought of Her (And Everybody Else’s) Emmys Look

The 2013 Emmys are a week behind us, and their impact has abated but not subsided. I am still getting a lot of “Sorry you lost!” comments and emails and such, as well as lots of “I loved your dress!” comments and emails and such.

Neither I nor my boys’ father reminded them it was the Emmys last weekend. Sure, they knew I was nominated, but beyond that day when I found out while we were in San Jose and had vegan doughnuts to celebrate, I don’t think they thought too much about it.

This past weekend, though, I mentioned that I wanted their thoughts on my Emmy dress for a Kveller post. My older son who is almost 8 asked, “Did you win the Emmy?”

“No,” I replied.


“Did Jim [Parsons]?”



“Oh. Good.”

Yup, Mama lost. And it’s OK.

Inspired by this Babble.com post where a woman asked her daughter to discuss the red carpet dresses (including mine which the child dubbed “a forest fairy”), I showed my sons some pictures of the Emmy red carpet and here are some of the most notable comments they made about your favorite stars, including me, their mother, who normally wears pajamas, sweatshirts, baseball hats, and no make-up. And sometimes forgets deodorant.

1. Kaley Cuoco

Fred: “Awesome groovy.” (I agree, I loved her dress.)

2. Jim Parsons

Fred: Awesome. That why him won.

Miles: It ‘s a little scrunched up at the sides of where the button is, or is that the style? He should pull it down a little.

3. Lena Dunham

Miles: The tattoo showing is a little weird. Did she do her own hair?

4. Anna Faris

Fred: Her hair and dress look the same color. Why her knee almost out of her dress?

5. Sofia Vergara

Miles: It’s too tight at the very bottom, too tiny at the legs, the pose looks weird because her fingers look like she’s a zombie.

Fred: I like the color, it matching the red carpet.

6. Claire Danes

Miles: Looks like she’s working out a bit too much in the chest. And she’s not even smiling. Do people not know how to smile these days?

7. Julianne Hough

Miles: Too much on the arms; she won’t be able to move them. Too sparkly.

Fred: Too she-thru-y. Too bead-y.

8. Sarah Hyland

Miles: It looks like she has something glued onto her .

Fred: She doesn’t even look like a teenager. She just look like a grown up.

9. Emily Deschanel

Miles: That’s ridiculous: left arm covered, right arm not?

Fred: That’s like Two-Face [from “Batman”]. Don’t tell me she has four arms too…

10. Mama

Miles: Way too much beading. Looks like one big line. It looks like your arms are tied to it. The arm behind your back looks a little weird. I don’t like how long it is.

Fred: What that in your hand? Too groovy of a purse. The background too groovy.

And finally:

11. Zosia Mamet

Fred: Is that you again?

Yes, my younger son thinks I look like Zosia Mamet, who I think is adorable, so that made me laugh.

Their take on the whole thing is so funny to me; I live in this world of dress-up, and none of it applies to their lives. But just like we tell our kids about our days when we work outside of the home, that was my day last Sunday.

Hopefully one year I can tell them I won, and they will then see that what that means is not much changes, I hope. Mama still cleans the toilets, Mama still gets annoyed when they wrestle and Fred makes high-pitched screeching sounds, and Mama still is the best cuddler this side of heaven.

Emmy or no Emmy, the job of mom stays pretty much the same. And that’s how I prefer it.

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