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car accident

What’s Up With My Hand?

Yes, folks. That was indeed my ungloved hand in last week’s episode of
The Big Bang Theory
. I unleashed it in all of its glory in the episode where my character gets into a fight with Wil Wheaton.

The hand update is that it’s getting better, not worse. I get to see the hand surgeons for check-ups every few weeks rather than every week. I can do some things with my right hand, if imperfectly.

I can now ask the following and give you the answer: how long does it take for your brain to think you don’t have an index finger because you haven’t used it? Answer: Three months. Yes; three months for me literally to not remember which piano chords I even used my index finger for before the accident. Three months to learn to type faster without my index finger than with it.

Handsome prematurely grey blue-eyed hand therapist says I have to force myself to use the index finger again, even if it feels weird and hurts. Okay. Can do.

Speaking of said therapist, I’m not done visiting his office three times a week for managing swelling and strengthening my hand (it’s still very weak and fairly puffy). And Fancy Assistant Brandon is still my driver, although now that hand therapist says I can start imagining driving again, I need to get used to the idea of possibly driving again. Maybe. Someday. Can do.

I’m in much less pain, I hardly take Ibuprofen anymore, and although my hand is stiff, swollen, and still angry and gloved, I am doing okay.

Still limited, still struggling, not perfect, slightly broken, but okay. Such is life.

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