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What’s Your Exodus: Breaking Free from Tabloids, Guilty Me-Time & Irritability

As Passover approaches, we asked our readers and writers: What do you need an exodus from? Today we hear from three more Kveller writers as part of our “What’s Your Exodus?” series. 

From Jenn Meer:

This year, dear Lord please deliver me from my addiction to gossip-y, celebrity “news” magazines. They have zero mental nutritional value and now that my son is in kindergarten, he is beginning to learn how to read. And there is only so much information about Juan Pablo that I’m comfortable with him knowing at age 6. Plus, I catch my daughter staring more and more at the women in the pages and I wonder if even at her young age, she is already beginning to compare herself to those scantily-clad Kardashians. This troubles me.

So goodbye you candy-colored tabloid! I am breaking free from your addictive weeklies. Besides, you were never good for me. And also, I can usually read most of your heart-shaped columns in the grocery express line anyway.

From Jessica Glassberg:

I want to break free from feeling guilty when I do something just for me. It’s rare, but when the stars align at the just the right moment and I have time for myself, I usually end up feeling like I should be doing something more productive than just relaxing in front of the TV. I feel like I should be cooking or cleaning or laundry-ing (yeah, let’s say that’s a word). I’ve already started by FINALLY taking a stab at losing some “baby” weight (16 months post-pardom) in a series for MamaHive.com called Post Pardon My Weight Gain. Sure, taking my weight loss goals public might be somewhere on the border of brave and stupid, but it keeps me accountable and I’m doing it for ME!

From Risa Sugarman:

This year I want to let go of feeling irritable. It is a complicated feeling as it relates to depression, but I want to work at it to get it out of my system and be a better wife and mother. My husband and daughter deserve the best wife and mommy I can be and by working on this issue, everyone wins.

What’s your exodus this year? Let us know by either emailing info@kveller.com or tweeting @Kveller with #WhatsYourExodus.

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