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Which Jewish TV Mom Are You? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!


Are you a big fan of Jewish and Jew-ish TV shows? Well, so are we! In recent years, there have been some amazing, funny, and downright groundbreaking portrayals of Jewish moms on TV.

Sure, some of them still heavily lean on the Jewish mom stereotype, while others have been criticized for not taking their roles as moms seriously enough (yes, we’re talking about a certain Mrs. Maisel). Still, overall, the majority of these Jewish TV moms are also delightful and lovable — just like us Jewish moms IRL.

Here at Kveller, we celebrate moms every single day — holla! — but in honor of the “official” Mother’s Day on Sunday, we thought it would be extra special to present this fun quiz. Ever wonder what Jewish TV mom you’re like? Take our fun quiz and find out!

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