Who Needs Pokemon Go When You Have Chardonnay Go? – Kveller
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Who Needs Pokemon Go When You Have Chardonnay Go?

Who needs cute animated creatures when you can have a delicate glass of white wine instead? Well, that’s the idea behind “Chardonnay Go,” created by New Jersey comedienne Dena Blizzard.

Except don’t get too excited just yet: The app doesn’t exist, at least, not yet. But it’s hard not to love Blizzard’s parody of Pokemon Go, showing us the beautiful absurdism in traipsing around her neighborhood searching for a find. In her video that she posted on Facebook, which has already been viewed over a million times, Blizzard uses the app to find some wine under a bush–and even a bottle tucked away into a man’s shorts.

One of the commenters made a brilliant suggestion:

“I’m not too much of a fan of Chardonnay. Do you know if there is a red version, perhaps Merlot Go?”

Personally, I’m more of a fan of red wine myself. Don’t forget to watch the video below for a good laugh:

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