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Whoa! This Jewish Mom Gave Birth On the Side of the Road Last Week

Recently, Jewish mom and Forward columnist Bethany Mandel, gave birth to her third child. Except this birth was different than most, considering it took place on the side of the road in New Jersey this past Friday.

Apparently, Mandel and her husband were in traffic–and the baby just wasn’t into waiting until they reached the hospital. Mandel ended up giving birth, quickly, to a healthy baby boy in a parking lot of an auto body shop in Sand Hills, N.J. Her husband, Seth, assisted her during labor. Mandel announced the birth on her Twitter account:

And on Instagram:

In her Instagram post, Mandel called her husband the “best midwife yet” and went on to say:

“Thank you to my best midwife yet – Seth – for delivering our 9lb son in his car earlier this morning off of Route 1 in a gravel parking lot outside an auto body shop. Thank you to the South Brunswick PD and EMTs for getting us to the hospital after he was born. Thanks to God we are happy and healthy, and just a tiny bit shell shocked by a 45 minute birth.”

Mazel Tov to the happy family! Share your crazy birth stories with us in the comments below.

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