Why It's Important Pink Revealed She Hasn't Lost Her Post-Baby Weight Yet – Kveller
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Why It’s Important Pink Revealed She Hasn’t Lost Her Post-Baby Weight Yet

Pink gave birth to her second child and son Jameson back in December. However, she’s made it a point to reveal recently that she hasn’t yet lost the “baby weight” in an Instagram post this week.

And you know what? She’s totally cool with it. And that’s amazing. In an age where Hollywood standards are ridiculous (so much so that Lady Gaga was called fat by many on social media after her latest performance), it’s not only refreshing, but reassuring, to see a celebrity just not care about what others think. It’s hard for anyone not to–it’s especially hard not to shame ourselves or put pressure on ourselves for not looking a certain way.

It does look like Pink is going back to the gym with her personal trainer, but her attitude is so inspirational, especially for young girls. It’s important to love our bodies, even when they aren’t at our most fit. And that’s an example anyone can follow.


Also, no mom should feel ashamed of her body–because an entire human came literally grew inside of you. And then, you know, came out of you. Let’s not forget Pink’s little man:

Happy Monday

A photo posted by P!NK (@pink) on


Beauty comes in all weights and sizes–and let’s not forget that.

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