Why LGBTQ-Inclusive Parenting Is Absolutely Essential (Episode 21) – Kveller
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Call Your Mother

Why LGBTQ-Inclusive Parenting Is Absolutely Essential (Episode 21)


This week on Call Your Mother we have a conversation with Jan Kaminsky. She’s a nurse, a professor, a mother of three, and an educator who is determined to make things easier for queer-identifying youth in America. 

Jan talks with Jordana and Shannon about her work with her company, Rainbow Health Consulting, which assists health care providers with making their services as LGBTQ-friendly as possible. She also talks about inclusive parenting and how to make sure that our language and actions, with our peers and children, is as accepting as possible of gender and sex-related differences. 

Plus, since Jordana’s mom, “Gram,”’ has the sheer chutzpah to take yet another vacation and be out of telephonic reach, Jan steps into the breach and gives advice to Shannon about what to do regarding her 7-year-old daughter’s request for a co-ed sleepover. Plus: Top tips on how to handle invitations and emails that only go to moms (and not dads).

Tune in and tell everyone you know about Call Your Mother!

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