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Why This Powerful Protest Photo Is Going Viral

Ever since Friday, the day President Trump signed an order closing American borders to refugees, the world has been torn–literally. Families and friends are being separated both by the physical ban itself–and as a result of the infighting over politics. Because of this, we all sorely need a glimmer of hope–hope that we can not only stand together as a global community, but as a compassionate people.

This is why this photograph taken during a protest at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago on January 30 has been going viral. The photo is of 7-year-old Meryem Yildirim who sits on her father, Fatim’s, shoulders, and 9-year-old Adin Bendat-Appell, who sits on his father, Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell’s, shoulders. Meryem is wearing a hijab, while Adin is wearing a yarmulke. This accidental union of two families from different faiths is symbolic of the actual necessity that we all need to come together in the name of love and peace.

While the popular hashtag #LoveTrumpHates seems kind of corny, it’s true–and it’s the kind of reminder we need when it comes to remembering that everyone is the same, regardless of religious beliefs. We all want the same thing–love, acceptance, and a safe world in which to live and raise our kids. Our kids deserve that–they deserve to grow up in a place where they aren’t being judged if they wear a hijab or a yarmulke.

During the protest at O’Hare, it was reported that 40 to 50 travelers were held for additional questioning this past Monday. Check out the full story below:

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