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Want Hilarious Unsolicited Mom Advice? Call This Number

Are you tired of people giving you unsolicited parenting advice? Everyone else seems to think they know your child better than you do. Well, now Yoplait has a solution. You’ll love it, too: It’s a real phone number that anyone can call to get unsolicited advice.

In their latest, most brilliant campaign yet, the yogurt company collaborated with the ad agency 72andSunny New York to create their “Mom On” campaign. It’s like your real life, but on display, for everyone to hear: Moms getting judged by strangers.

How did they come up with this genius idea? Well, real life, of course. Susan Pitt, senior marketing communications manager for Yoplait, told Adweek:

A lot of moms receive unwanted advice and judgment on social media, so it was imperative this campaign show up on social platforms in a big way. The tip line presents real-life situations where moms are judged, and we brought in several influential moms to add their own real-life stories to the conversation.

You can experience this magic by calling 1-833-MOM-TIPS. We’ve tried it. Once you call, you get a list of options to choose from —and who doesn’t love options?! See a mom nursing in public? Press 2 for advice. This is especially perfect if you’re having a bad day and need a good laugh. Because humor is one of the oldest, best medicines.

Watch the commercial by clicking the link here.


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