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star wars

You Definitely Need This Star Wars-Inspired Lego Death Star Synagogue

star wars

Say it 10 times fast: Stars Wars-inspired Lego synagogue. Doesn’t it sound so strange, and yet, so amazing? Well, it’s almost a reality. And really, who doesn’t want a Death Star Synagogue?

This Jewish mom, Tobey Finklestein, dreamed it up–and she’s trying to make it something other parents and kids can have fun with. She started a Kickstarter to fund the project, so it could be made in time for Passover. The self-described “Jewish-Asian tiger mom” said her 10-year-old came asking for the “Lego Death Star.” And well, her 10-year-old is getting exactly that.

star wars

Here’s a description of what the Beis Death Star storyline is:

“The mutated Joe Bob had turned into a spider and assembled an army to destroy all of the good-doing freaks (including the Legovitcher Rebbe). Before the first attack, a bunch of random Chima, Marvel, Hobbit, and Star Wars heroes came to help. The first attack was hopefully the last. Hashem helped our heroes drive them off, the Chasidim won the battle, but the Brickovicker Rebbe’s shul was destroyed.”

Check out the rest of the Kickstarter here–and consider donating to make it your kid’s toy reality (or yours).

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