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You Need These Matzah Clothes for Passover


Why is the night of April 19th different from all other nights? Because on this night — the first evening of of Passover — we only eat unleavened bread.

But why stop there? Apparently, you can dress like unleavened bread, too.

Yes, Kvellers, there’s an entire universe of matzah-print apparel out there. The internet is chock full of matzah leggings, matzah ties, and matzah kippot… the list is endless.

In fact, Passover is the best Jewish holiday of the year to splurge on festive gear! Yes, there’s a whole bunch of ugly Hanukkah sweaters out there, but, let’s face it: Hanukkah isn’t a big deal in our books. With Passover, however, we get two major opportunities to wear matzah garb — during the seders on the first and second nights — plus the remaining six days of the holiday’s duration. Talk about bang for your buck!

We scoured every corner of the interwebs to curate the chicest line of matzah-themed clothes available. And we promise, there’s something for everyone in the family, even your dog.

1. Matzah bib


Got a messy baby? Of course you do! Keep ’em clean and stylin’ with this matzah bib. Got a messy toddler? Good news! It also comes in an apron size.

Get it here. 

2. Matzah dog bandana


Okay, this is too adorable. We’re pretty sure the 11th commandment is that all dogs must wear a matzah bandana on Passover.

Get it here.

3. Matza socks

matzah socks

During the seder, we’re supposed to get all comfy in our seats — it’s a nod to the Israelites being freed from Egypt. Why not start a new Passover tradition and make everyone don these bad boys?

Get it here.

4. Matzah tie


Perhaps your seder is a more formal affair? Why not sport a festive, on-brand tie?

Get it here.

5. Matzah dress

This is by far my favorite item on the list. If you’re really extra, you must wear this to both seders — it’s seriously so trendy!

Get it here.

6. Matzah leggings


Ah, the infamous matzah leggings that started this whole article.

Get it here.

7. Reversible kippah


This reversible kippah is GOLD! Wear the matzah print side throughout the holiday, and once Passover is over, flip the kippah to reveal every bagel under the sun.

Get it here.

8. Matzah skirt


Not into the matzah leggings? Here’s a skirt with the same pattern. You can even wear it to synagogue.

Get it here.

9. Matzah T-shirt

Got a seder guest who’s cute enough to eat? This matzah t-shirt is freakishly realistic…

Get it here.

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