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You Need to Watch This Mandy Patinkin Meditation Video. Trust Us.

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Well, friends, we already have proof that Mandy Patinkin is a mensch, but it has recently been confirmed that Mandy Patinkin is a Jewish dad, in every imaginable sense of the term.

The “Homeland” and “Princess Bride” star, who is about to headline a new Hulu show, recently shared a meditation video on his TikTok. It’s a trend many Jewish celebs are jumping on, including Goldie Hawn who narrates some stories on the kids’ meditation app Moshi and Israeli TV star Michael Yanai, who helped found the first Hebrew language guided meditation app, MyMedi.

“I heard meditation is a big thing on TikTok. I’m a meditator,” the actor and father of two told his followers on the popular social media app in a video shared this week. He then says that he wants to meditate along with his viewers: “I say it’s good to not do it alone — join me,” he urges. Since I would join Patinkin for almost anything, my attention was already fully captured at this point.

Looking wise and serene, Patinkin dons a simple button-up shirt and a peaceful expression as he sits on a little wooden throne by a running creek, surrounded by barren trees — an absolutely ideal setting for meditation. His wire-rimmed glassed and lush grey beard all add to the sage-like atmosphere.

Does Mandy Patinkin have the perfect voice and attitude to guide us through meditation? Yes, yes he does, and he proves it in the first minute or so of this video, telling us to “hear the birds” and “let a little smile come across your face.” (Honestly, I’m always smiling when I see Patinkin, so that one was a bit redundant.) He encourages us to “focus on your breath, take it in, deep into the center.” It’s all so peaceful and lovely.


Let it all out #meditation #LifeAdvice #selfcaresunday #SelfCare #ASMR #asmrsounds

♬ original sound – Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn G

Yet, what happens in the last 30 seconds of this by all standards impeccably produced TikTok is — well, let’s just say, after “one deep final breath,” it devolves into the most base of dad jokes. I will not spoil it for you, but the video is captioned with “Let it all out,” so maybe you can see where this is going. It gives a whole new meaning to “listen to the wind,” is what I’m saying.

To bring such production value and dedication to what is essentially the most fundamental of Jewish dad jokes takes some serious chutzpah, and honestly, I can respect a man who can commit to a bit.

Kol hakavod, Mandy, on one-upping every Jewish dad joke ever made. All the upcoming dad jokes at seder will now pale in comparison to this one.

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