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Your Baby May Be At Risk for Burns from a Source You May Not Have Considered

As the summer heat is getting dangerously hot in many parts of the country, doctors are warning parents about the risk of burns from a source you may not have realized is possible: a water hose baking in the sun. This happened to a 9-month-old boy from San Tan Valley, Arizona.

The boy was accidentally burned last month when scalding-hot water came out of an outdoor garden hose as his mom began to fill his baby pool, according to KNXV-TV. Dominique Woodger, the baby’s mom, told the station how awful the incident was:

“It’s heartbreaking. It is. It sucks. All of it was peeling. He had blisters all over the right side.”

The water was so hot that her son received second-degree burns on about one-third of his body–luckily, he is expected to recover. According to Dr. Kevin Foster, director of the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix, water sitting in a garden hose that’s exposed to the sun can reach up to 190 degrees, stating:

“It doesn’t reach boiling, but it does get almost there. It’s about as hot as coffee coming out of the pot. A burn happens almost instantaneously at that temperature.”

This is a lot more common than people think, Foster warned. As of now, excessive heat warnings and heat advisories have been put in effect for much of the Plains, Midwest, and southern states, according to the National Weather Service. Apparently, the heat will spread to the east coast by the weekend.

Of course, we advise everyone to take proper precautions when it comes to heat and water safety.

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