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Your Kid’s Terrible T.V. Shows Make for Lovable Purim Costumes

This winter was rough. There is nothing like a Polar Vortex that can undermine a lifetime of painstakingly implemented household rules and limitations. That tight ship you run has long been sunk by a tidal wave of television shows. Well, since Purim is around the corner (March 15th, to be exact), why not make the most out of your child’s newfound obsession with “Dora,” “Wonderpets,” or whatever infuriating cartoon your kids are into these days.

Here are some costume ideas inspired by your child’s favorite–and your most reviled–T.V. shows of all time. The more annoying the character, the more kids have a tendency to love them to pieces, so these guys are sure to be a hit:

1. My Little Pony.

This is the perfect choice for little girls who love to get glammed up. There are so many ways to do “My Little Pony.”  Think: glitter, fake lashes ($6.99), pink hair extensions ($9.99), and make-up. Star Song ($29.99), Pinkie Pie ($29.27), Rainbow Dash ($26.79)–take your pick.

2. Dora the Explorer.

Hola amigos! If your child is in the Dora stage, we’re sorry. Dora is great for teaching kids basic Spanish, but the repetitive plot line leaves much to be desired. So why not change things up? If your kid loves herself some Dora, why not invite Dora the Explorer ($24.06) to your Purim feast? Or Diego ($23.25)? Swiper ($15.81)? That strange monkey character, Boots ($21.99)? Or perhaps Swiper ($19.75) can just tag along as an accessory.

3. Spongebob Squarepants.

Spongebob fan? Lucky you, because it’s always on. During the megillah reading, big and little kids alike will be tickled by this toddler-sized Spongebob ($43.95). Here’s one for Dad ($37.99) and one for your reluctant pet ($5.20), whatever he or she may be. Or if you are feeling really adventurous there is also something for the aspiring Patrick Star ($73.21) in you.

4. Go, Go, Power Rangers!

You probably remember these guys from when you were a child. Unfortunately, for humanity, the “Power Rangers” ($13.03) refuse to die. The T.V. show and its gajillion dollar toy and costume industry are alive and well. Just a suggestion: if you decide to purchase one of these ($22.66) for your little warrior, you may want to confiscate the sword in advance and replace it with a foam one ($8.45). Certain accessories never end well.

5. Calliou.

The Kveller readers have spoken. We asked you which children’s T.V. show was the most grating on a parent’s nerves and you guys voted overwhelmingly for the mysteriously bald boy named “Calliou.”

While apparently the makers of “Caillou” are not great at merchandising their riveting television drama, it is pretty cheap to recreate your own version of the boy from items you have at home.

All you will need is:

For some reason the bottom of the brim of Caillou’s cap is yellow too, so after dressing your wee one in the above listed garments, glue some yellow construction paper under there, and voila! you’ve got yourself a Caillou!

As always, by shopping on Amazon through any of the above links, a portion of the profits from anything you buy will help support Kveller. 

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