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You’ve Got Something to Say. Apply for the Kveller Fellowship

Kveller has been dedicated to giving parents a voice in the big and scary world known as the internet. We’ve seen our writers go from posting their first ever blog post to publishing a real live book (or two or three). We’ve seen our writers grow vast social media presences and even make a TV appearance or two. And we couldn’t be prouder (yes, Kveller is kvelling).

With this in mind, we are super excited to announce the launch of the Kveller Writers Fellowship. The fellowship is designed to give moms (or dads!) who are also writers the support, mentorship, and experience necessary to take a transformative step forward in their careers.

During the four-month remote program, the Kveller fellows will benefit from career mentorship, editorial guidance, and financial support.  The fellows will focus on personal essay writing and cultivating a social media presence. During their time in the fellowship, writers will be expected to pitch and write essays on a weekly basis, with the added benefit of workshops with the editors of Kveller, as well as the other fellows, as a way to grow and develop their voice.

Ideal candidates for this program will have the desire to express themselves and grow as writers, as well as a passion for participating in a necessary cultural dialogue. The fellowship is open to writers of any experience. The four writers selected for the fellowship will work remotely, but will be flown out to New York City during the course of the fellowship for a day of in-person workshops with the team (and dinner. And drinks. Definitely drinks). The work produced during the fellowship will be published on Kveller, and fellows will receive payment for each contribution.

TO APPLY: Please answer this survey here, and also don’t forget to send your resume, three links to articles you’ve written (or if you do not have published work, pitch us three pieces) to Please use the subject line “YOUR NAME, Kveller Fellow.” Deadline is January 1, 2017.

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