Planting Parsley


If you plant on Tu Bishvat, your parsley can be ready by Passover!

Tu Bishvat is all about celebrating trees, and a perfect way to get into the spirit of the holiday is to do some planting of your own. Trees might be a bit too big to handle, but planting your own parsley is a fun way for your kids to get hands-on with this nature-based holiday. And the best part? The parsley should be ready to go just in time to make an appearance on your Passover seder plate.

You’ll need:

– A small flowerpot
– Potting soil
– Parsley seeds
– Paint or markers
– Water

Begin by allowing your child to decorate the pot with the paint or markers.
Next, put some soil in the pot.  Make a small depression at the top and put in a few parsley seeds. Add a bit of water, and you’re done…for today. Be sure to water your plant every few days and to place it in a sunny location so that your parsley grows by Passover.

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