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About: Ariel Pollock
Full Name Ariel Pollock
Ariel Pollock
Ariel Pollock Star is a jack of all trades, but most of these trades involve eating chocolate in some form. She is an advocate for fairly traded and ethically sourced diamonds and jewelry, an amateur chef, and the proud owner of not one but three different coffee making devices (which she now uses for decaf thanks to the baby growing inside her). Ariel lives in Chicago with her husband and little bump.

Posts by Ariel Pollock:

  • Jun 25 2012
    Week 32: Pregnant in Vegas

    So, I spent last weekend in Vegas. Um, you might say, isn’t that a strange choice for a babymoon? Indeed it would be–but this was no babymoon. I was sans-husband, and in Vegas for a full week–longer than any human … Continue reading


  • May 21 2012
    Week 28: Will My Kids Get to Know the Real Me?

    Cooking is something that connects me to every phase of my life so far, and I value it not only for the experience itself but as a thread that weaves together very different experiences and parts of my personality


  • May 4 2012
    Week 25: I Am Not a Yoga Goddess

    Among the many things I’ve been learning about my temperament and my body from being pregnant, I’ve discovered that I enjoy yoga.


  • Apr 9 2012
    Week 21: When Does it Start to Feel Real?

    Being pregnant has not brought forth the flow of feelings I would have expected.


  • Mar 27 2012
    Week 20: Ultrasound with a Capital U

    I haven’t ever been the best at self control. The other day I was trying to recall if there had ever been a piece of cake that had crossed my path unscathed. To be sure, I’m very good at talking … Continue reading



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