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About: Pamela Gottfried
Full Name Pamela Gottfried
Pamela Gottfried
Pamela Jay Gottfried is a rabbi, parent, teacher and the author of Found in Translation: Common Words of Uncommon Wisdom. She is a graduate of Haverford College and the Jewish Theological Seminary, and an alumna of Clal's Rabbis Without Borders. Learn more at

Posts by Pamela Gottfried:

  • Mar 4 2013
    Why I Won’t Let My Kids Do the Laundry

    Perhaps the most difficult thing about parenting teens is letting go–ceding control over their lives, or recognizing that you never really had any control–and preparing them to leave you. When my girls were toddlers, their wise grandparents told me this, … Continue reading


  • Jan 29 2013
    The Anniversary of My Miscarriage

    Every year, at the end of January, I feel a little sad. This began in 1997, when I was nearly 11 weeks into my second pregnancy and I miscarried. There were so many reasons not to be sad–to be hopeful–then. … Continue reading


  • Jan 17 2013
    My Daughter & Her Boyfriend’s Jeans

    I’m standing at the kitchen sink when my eldest walks past me to the table to pack her lunch. “What’s all over your pants?” “They’re distressed.” “Did you rip them?!” “No, they came like that. It’s a style.” She pauses … Continue reading


  • Jan 7 2013
    Parenting Teens & Anxiety Dreams

    I have a recurring nightmare. It’s not a classic anxiety dream, like the ones where you find yourself standing naked at a podium with no notes or teleprompter. Mine is a maternal dream. In my dream, my teenage daughter, my … Continue reading


  • Jan 2 2013
    My New Year’s Eve Glimpse of Life After Kids

    Do you and your spouse ever wonder what kind of couple you will be “after?” I mean, after the children are grown, after they’re out of the house? I can only vaguely remember what we were like in the early … Continue reading


  • Dec 27 2012
    My Son’s Imaginary Friend is a Criminal

    When my children were younger, and people would inevitably remark about how well they “entertained themselves,” I would reluctantly acknowledge that I encouraged them by ignoring them. I never neglected my children, and I was enchanted by them–I read them … Continue reading


  • Dec 17 2012
    My Parenting Mistake: I Didn’t Talk to My Son About Sandy Hook

    I have made many mistakes as a parent. But none as terrible as the one I made this weekend. I am struck by this realization as I drive my son to school this morning. Perhaps it is the act of … Continue reading



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