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About: Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Full Name Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Sarah Tuttle-Singer is an LA Expat (reluctantly) growing roots in Israel. She's learning to love being an outsider: After all, the view from the edge is exquisite. Fueled by a double-shot latte, she (over)shares her (mis)adventures across the Internet, including on Kveller.comTimes of IsraelJezebel, and Offbeat Families. She is dangerous when bored.

Posts by Sarah Tuttle-Singer:

  • Mar 13 2014
    That Time My Daughter Didn’t Let Me Walk Her into Preschool

    “I want you to have roots and wings,” my mother used to say to me from as early as I can remember until the day she died. And I think of this during preschool drop-off on cool mornings when the … Continue reading


  • Jan 2 2014
    Looking Back at Life Through What I Wrote

    I’m looking back through the old scraps of writing I have saved over the years. And in the detritus of keystrokes, here is what I find: lines about my mother and watching her die, lines about the family I used … Continue reading


  • Dec 13 2013
    Friday Night: A Shabbat Storm in Israel

    When we first moved to this little house in an Israeli village with a bomb-ass view of rolling fields, it wasn’t really the home I’d choose: The floors are cracked and uneven. The walls are thin. There are mold stains … Continue reading


  • Dec 5 2013
    And Suddenly He’s Four

    My son turns 4 on Saturday. He is suddenly long-legged and lean, leaping into the air. He makes up songs and chats on the phone. He crouches down in the grass and looks for snails with his flashlight. He is Spiderman. … Continue reading


  • Nov 19 2013
    Hanukkah Gift Guide: What Sarah’s Kids Want

    As we scrambled to find the perfect Hanukkah gifts for kids this year, we thought it might be best to go straight to the source. So we asked our contributing editors to ask their kids what they really want. Up … Continue reading


  • Oct 17 2013
    Why I Let My Kids See Me Naked

    I never saw my mother naked. Not even when I was a little girl. With her clothes on, she was slender and supple. Her legs were shapely beneath black Gap stretch pants, and her breasts rode high underneath her cotton … Continue reading


  • Oct 14 2013
    Divorce Isn’t All Bad for the Kids

    For all y’all out there who think divorce is like the worst thing in the world for the kids, let me tell you something: it doesn’t have to be. My son and daughter are best friends and allies. Born a … Continue reading


  • Aug 12 2013
    Rosh Hashanah Resolution: Strong Coffee, Stronger Friends

    To gear up for the High Holidays this year, we’re asking our writers and readers for their Rosh Hashanah Resolution. Up first, Contributing Editor Sarah Tuttle-Singer. May this be a year of love and light, of new experiences and new … Continue reading


  • Jul 31 2013
    My Daughter’s Beautiful Day

    “Mama, do you know why today is so beautiful?” my daughter asked me while we walked to the pool. It took me by surprise, her question. Because I didn’t think today was so beautiful: Today was freaking hot–like, sumo-wrestler-sweaty-armpit hot. … Continue reading


  • Jul 3 2013
    Being A Dependent Woman

    Every Monday and Tuesday at exactly 2:14 pm, my phone beeps to life with the chorus of Destiny’s Child Independent Woman. All the women who are independent Throw your hands up at me I shut the alarm off, scroll through my … Continue reading


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