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About: Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Full Name Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Sarah Tuttle-Singer is an LA Expat (reluctantly) growing roots in Israel. She's learning to love being an outsider: After all, the view from the edge is exquisite. Fueled by a double-shot latte, she (over)shares her (mis)adventures across the Internet, including on Kveller.comTimes of IsraelJezebel, and Offbeat Families. She is dangerous when bored.

Posts by Sarah Tuttle-Singer:

  • May 29 2013
    The Story of a Pretty Dress & A Creepy Guy

    I bought a dress last week. It’s a dress straight out of the summer of ’53–pale mauve with a sweetheart neckline, spaghetti straps, and a skirt that twirls. It’s the kind of dress you lose your virginity in in the … Continue reading


  • May 3 2013
    Mamaleh’s Day Gifts: What Sarah Wants

    Need some Mother’s Day gift inspiration? We’re asking our contributing editors the three things they want (and the one thing they can’t actually buy). Here’s what Sarah Tuttle-Singer is hoping for this year.   1. SPANX Mid-Thigh Body Briefer Size small. … Continue reading


  • Apr 16 2013
    If You Give a Kid a Leopard Broom

    In honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, we’re sharing this story of how one American mother is raising her kids to be independent in Israel. Let me tell you something: When you move across the world with a 9-month-old … Continue reading


  • Apr 8 2013
    When You and Your Daughter Don’t Speak the Same Language

    While we were in the art room at school today, my daughter asked me something in Hebrew in words I didn’t understand. “Say yes, mama!” She said. “Please say yes.” “Baby, I can’t say yes, because I don’t understand what … Continue reading


  • Mar 11 2013
    On Days Like These, I Miss My Mom

    I let my children see me cry this morning. It was one of those drawn out dawns when everyone wakes up waaaaay too early, and the countdown til preschool drop-off stretches into forever until the last second before we need … Continue reading


  • Feb 25 2013
    We Need to Quit Telling Lies on Facebook

    So, according to Facebook, this is how I spent my Saturday with the kids: My children and I woke up with the sun, smiling and ready to kick ass and “make it a great day.” My hair was shiny. My … Continue reading


  • Feb 7 2013
    Parenting in a Different Language

    “We didn’t sign our son up for preschool,” my ex messaged me this morning. Huh? Evidently, somewhere in between everything, Expat Barbie over here missed the memo. Literally. A memo in Hebrew that went out to the parents about signing … Continue reading


  • Jan 14 2013
    The Real Blessing of the Skinned Knee (and Bruised Forehead)

    My son has become a rabbit. A 3-year-old rabbit with pale blonde hair and a blue Angry Birds ski cap pulled low over his forehead. I didn’t get it at first. And I didn’t understand why he was hopping out … Continue reading


  • Nov 19 2012
    A Letter To My Daughter About Fighting Back

    To My Darling Daughter, I watch your eyes glow when the kids in preschool want to play with you. I see how it matters to you what they say and how they smile. I watch your bottom lip tremble when … Continue reading


  • Nov 16 2012
    My Country is at War

    “Airplane!” my son shrieks while the sky rattles as fighter jets rip through the clouds. He spreads his arms, roars like an F16, and zooms across the grass. My daughter is older–and she notices what her brother has missed. “There … Continue reading


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