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About: Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Full Name Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Sarah Tuttle-Singer is an LA Expat (reluctantly) growing roots in Israel. She's learning to love being an outsider: After all, the view from the edge is exquisite. Fueled by a double-shot latte, she (over)shares her (mis)adventures across the Internet, including on Kveller.comTimes of IsraelJezebel, and Offbeat Families. She is dangerous when bored.

Posts by Sarah Tuttle-Singer:

  • Jun 19 2012
    Jealousy & The Other Woman

    So, it turns out I am a very jealous woman. Case in point: Once upon a star-studded night in Berkeley, just a few short months after we first hooked up, B and I sat on the stoop of my boarding … Continue reading


  • Jun 7 2012
    The Kibbutz Isn’t So Bad

    Let’s see… how do I say this without sounding like a total ass? Ok. Fine: I don’t hate the kibbutz. (Anymore.) In fact, I kind of like it. Ever since I left late last year, I’ve come to realize that … Continue reading


  • May 29 2012
    My Jewish Abortion

    It’s no secret why frightened looking girls walk into the social worker’s office on the second floor of the Student Health Center at UC Berkeley. And while I sat there, vaguely nauseous and needing to pee (for the third time … Continue reading


  • May 9 2012
    My Mother, In the Pictures

    My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November, 1999.


  • Apr 30 2012
    What Happens When My Kids Google Me?

    Growing up, my biggest fear was that my parents would embarrass me.


  • Apr 23 2012
    Searching for Birth Control in the Holy Land

    If I’m going to lecture my daughter some day in the faaaaar distant future about the importance of birth control, then it’s important to practice what I preach


  • Apr 16 2012
    (Too) Frequently-Asked Questions About Separation

    Let’s qualify that bullshit, shall we? Some days I’m fine. But some days, I wake up from a dream that shakes me into submission where I swear I hear my children screaming. And then I’m not fine.


  • Apr 3 2012
    Passover…For Everyone Except Me

    Another spring blooms in Israel. And everyone is getting ready for Pesach. Everyone except me. I’m in a holding zone–waiting for my ex to decide what he’s doing with the kids and whether or not I can come.


  • Mar 19 2012
    Why This Mama Feels Like a Dad

    I’m clearly a Mama. But over the last five months, I sometimes feel like I’ve stepped out of that role and into the traditional male role.


  • Feb 13 2012
    Edgy and Raunchy Sounds Good to Me

    About a year ago, I started highlighting my hair, wearing skinny jeans, and painting my nails black.


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