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Oct 12 2012

Hits of the Week: October 10 – 12

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This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.kveller hits of the week 10/12/12

- Baby #4 is Due Tomorrow & I’m Not Ready. Jordana’s due date has now come and gone with no baby as of yet, but that’s a good thing, considering how she feels totally unprepared.

- Why Was Breast Milk Banned from an Israeli Maternity Ward Fridge? A nurse was told that she could not leave her bottle of pumped breast milk in the maternity ward’s staff fridge, pretty much because someone found it disgusting.

- Why Being Orthodox Didn’t Work For Us. Yael had an Ultra Orthodox conversion before meeting and marrying her Ultra Orthodox husband, but she soon felt like she lost a major part of herself in the transition. Now, she’d rather not label her Judaism at all.

- A Mini-Rant Now That the Fall Jewish Holidays Are Over. Now that we’ve all survived the barrage of Jewish fall holidays, Mayim shares her thoughts about when the secular and religious calendars don’t match up.

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