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Hits of the Week: June 4 – 8

This week’s most popular blog posts, in case you missed them.

The Case of the Missing Bar Mitzvah. Just because your son is turning 13, does that really mean he’s ready to be a bar mitzvah? Or can things go on a different schedule?

The Jewish Response to Abortion. First, Sarah told us her abortion story, and then we delved deeper into the Jewish perspective on abortion. Does it approve? Under what circumstance?

Parenting Lessons I’ve Learned From, Uh, Poop. Some things I wished I learned a little earlier in my parenting career, including: get used to poop, little kids come down with the weirdest ailments, and the internet will make you insane.

The Four Female Religious Leaders Who Made Me Cry. Mayim Bialik went on a child-less outing to hear woman rabbis from all four denominations speak. Get the low down on what they said (and what they wore).

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